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When we discovered antique European beds didn't come close to matching American sizes we decided to build our own.  Our original British Cottage bed has a carved and curvy 59" high headboard--perfectly sized for piling on pillows and shams--and we made sure the foot board is low enough so nothing gets in the way of your feet--or the TV.  (Click on photo for more details.)


They say you spend

over a third of your life

in bed.  Make sure

there is beauty (besides you) in the



 Chests of Drawers

 It turned out that antique pine chests of drawers were not always the right

size or style for today's bedrooms so it just made sense to make our own

chests of drawers, and nightstands--that can mix and match with our beds.

IMG_2413 (1024x942) (2)
IMG_0027 (1024x767)
IMG_0114 (1024x768)
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