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The news is mostly dreadful; and who isn't tired of the way their house looks--especially if you are suddenly working from home--which makes right now the absolute perfect time to get some design inspiration!

And if you don't believe me, this what Martha Stewart had to say on her Instagram post the other day:

"For as flexible as working from home may be, staying motivated in your place of comfort can be difficult. That's why it's so important to create a home office space that keeps you inspired throughout the day." It is one thing to work on a project at the kitchen table when the kids are at school; it is quite another to expect to be productive now that everyone is home from school all day--every day.

Try adopting a quiet corner of the unlived-in living room and make it your workspace.

The desk in the photo below is from our factory in Hungary and at 55"wide by 30" large enough to hold your laptop--or even a desktop--and a pretty lamp. It's a copy of an antique Danish desk we bought at Green Square in Copenhagen over 15 years ago. 

Our daughter used it for years in her Rumson bedroom. We sold it when we moved from our large shore house when she went off to college (Johns Hopkins and the Columbia Law School) so clearly, the desk was a good investment. Which is the segue to saying not just Mom and Dad, but the kids too, need a dedicated workspace.

But let's say you need a desk, but you don't want to put a desk in the living room, try a console table. Desk today; sofa table tomorrow! Seriously we are here to help. Maybe just a new lamp will dispel some of the gloom; high hats (those ugly cans in the ceiling) are terrible sources of light if you are looking for task lighting.

Now is definitely a good time to do something about the clutter. Toss germy stuffed animals, wipe down the toys and put them in away in a lovely antique armoire or blanket chest. This is also a great way to store office equipment and supplies.