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As working from home is the new normal it is hugely important to create a home office space. It is one thing to work on a project at the kitchen table when the kids are at school; it is quite another to expect to be productive now that everyone is home from school all day--every day.

But now, not just Mom and Dad, but the kids too, need a dedicated work area. Our classic farm table in the photo below at 66" wide but just 36" deep could be a great desk for the worker bees in your life but later, down the road, make a terrific kitchen table.


















But let's say you need a desk, but you don't have that much space to work with, try a console table. Desk today; sofa table tomorrow! Seriously we are here to help. Maybe just a new lamp will dispel some of the gloom; high hats (those ugly cans in the ceiling) are terrible sources of light if you are looking for task lighting.



Because it is definitely a good time to do something about the clutter. Hopefully by now you've tossed all those germy stuffed animals, and trust me you will feel better if you wipe down the toys and tuck half of them away them away. Then the rest could reside in a cupboard or a lovely antique armoire. This is how one local grandmother manages her little cherubs' stash. It looks like a daycare during the day but in the evenings it is a sophisticated, very adult, family room.

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