Antique Pine Furniture

     We began importing antique pine furniture from Europe 30 years ago.  First from Great Britain and Ireland, then Holland, Denmark and Sweden.  Lately we haven't been importing from anywhere but hope that will change soon. We expected to share a container of antique pine that was meant to arrive in late July but that never came in.  Keep an eye on this page for updates; so far we have had none but that seems par for the course in these days of supply chain disruption.

Antique Irish Pine Washstand #594

Single Door Cupboard

We make these using antique doors, 80"h x 29"w x 18"d #5941

Antique Danish Pine Secretary
Antique Pine Cabinet

This is another antique pine cupboard that is finished on all sides. 39w x 27d x 33h #598

130" x 32" Pine Farmhouse Table

This is a beauty. We bought it in Lincolnshire England and believe it dates to the late 1800's. #5971

Antique Irish Pine Corner Cupboard

Antique Irish Pine Corner Cupboard 31w x 14d x 82h #5921

Antique Coffee Table

Antique Coffee table with a pine base and an oak top.

Antique Pine Workbench

Over 6' long--all original--c 1870

Antique Pine Island

Originally from Hungary, this pine cabinet is finished on all four sides. 45w x 29d x 36h #5931

Antique Pine Bench

Perfect for a large foyer or hallway this antique pine bench provides not only extra seating but ample storage. 77w x 25d x 40h