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Century Furniture

"Infinite Possibilities and Unlimited Attention"

 Like our Hickory White Upholstery,  the  Century Furniture Collection allows you to create chairs, sofas, and sectionals in the style you want and the size you need.  Also like Hickory White, Century Furniture is a third generation, American family business revered in the home furnishings industry.  

 However, Century Furniture offers us access not only to leather, but also a whole new fabric collection, including Cryptonthe leading stain, odor, and moisture resistant performance fabric.  And Century has many more design, size and cushion options than Hickory White, so for people with unusual spaces to fill or specific design needs, Century Furniture might work better for them.

 We are thrilled to be part of both teams and look forward to working with them to provide the best furniture at the best price for you. Remember, all of our upholstery is made in America, by American craftsman, using native hardwoods and many of the fabrics come from the last of the American mills. These are privately held companies that put their employees and their products first and they deserve our support. 

Century Furniture in Stock Now
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