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We know this is the dining table section but a dining room without a hutch is like a bicycle without wheels!  Who wants it?  Hutches, or Welsh Dressers as they are commonly referred to in the UK, can be purely decorative or an integral part of a highly functioning kitchen, or a bit of both.  In the olden days when kitchens were unfitted, a kitchen had a sink, table, chairs and a hutch--that's it.
Hutches provide storage with doors and drawers, a counter space for serving and open shelves that are the perfect place to display and/or stash dishes, cookbooks, teapots--even photos.  My guess is they were called dressers because people dressed them up with all their favorite bits and pieces.
Thirty years ago we stocked the store with fabulous antique Irish, Welsh and English hutches. Eventually they became so hard to find we started building our own.  All of our hutches can come without the tops--if display is not your thing--or if you want to use just the base in the dining room as a server with perhaps a mirror or artwork, or in the family room to anchor a flat screen television.

Having the right

accessories allows your rooms to express themselves.  There is nothing like a hutch to

pull it all together. 

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