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Today's Inspiration

I was just scrolling through my images when I happened upon this photo.

It  was taken in the dining room of the 2015 Stately Homes by the Sea Showhouse.  Sadly there was a fire and the event was cancelled but you can see here how lovely it was.  We did not design the room but the blue and white jars are from British Cottage!

In the old days the fussier the dining room the better.  I guess the thought was after a few bottles of wine, and the lights dim you could use a lot of drama.  But how can you resist the simple beauty of this recently renovated Rumson carriage house dining room?

Anchored by a custom 10' table in solid oak from 

our factory in Hungary and stained a majestic brown, partnered with linen-like (but really sunbrella fabric because there are small children and possibly some red wine in the house) slipcovered sidechairs, and an over-the-top chandelier that lets the architecture of this fabulous room shine through--day or night. 

Love how the simple beauty of the orb chandelier radiates in this Rumson home featured in this month's designnj.  Actually I like everything about this room: navy sectional, rustic wood coffee table with a metal base, the all white walls, ceiling & trim and the happy tone of the floors.  Kudos!

Neutral works, but by all means allow a pop of color.  Our go to hue is most often blue, but somehow orange seems so stylish these days.   The solution?  Combine the two, add a vintage inspired chandelier and an oversized aged brass porthole mirror. You can see this charming vignette in our British Cottage window if you hurry!

Make sure to pick up Veranda's July-August 2016 Summer Style Issue.  I was beginning to lose hope but they seem to have gotten their groove back with some fabulous homes and great advice!

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