November 26, 2021

With Thanksgiving behind us, and supply chain woes lessening with new items arriving almost daily, it is time to focus on getting your house ship shape in time for the holidays.

Most of the times in the slide show above are available for purchase. We have always sold "off the floor" and there is no reason to change things up now.

Although our upholstery items are custom, which means you pick out your own fabric and style and place an order, if you see something in the store that works, that you can have right away.

Rest assured we are vaccinated and please don't come in if you are not. If you have an honest medical issue please ignore that statement but really I am so done with fake science and conspiracy theories. Also, given the emergence of the Delta version of Covid we are happy to wear a mask at the store if that makes you feel more comfortable--just ask.

At British Cottage it is all about the mix which continues to be very en trend. We offer custom upholstery from the renowned Century Furniture Company and Hickory White, the designer division of Sherrill Furniture. This is simply some of the best American furniture on the market today and you can buy it at our New Jersey fine furniture store. And, of course, we always have a few antique pieces to add to the pot, not to mention accessories like ginger jars, table lamps, and artwork, so you can easily tweak a single room or furnish an entire house. 

Once you are here we will be happy to take the time to help you figure out exactly what your home requires and do our best to make it happen. The more information you come in with--the easier it will be for us to figure out what works best. Measure, measure, and then measure your space again. We're happy to see pictures but make sure you know where they are on your mobile device before you come in. Or shoot us an email (bcapine@gmail.com); it is easier for us to see your images on the desktop anyway.

While our background is not in interior design we have been in this business a long time and have a fairly good idea of what should go where. We also know many of the local design professionals and are happy to recommend someone if you wish to go that route.

Call, 732 530 0685, if you have any questions, or, even better, are looking to purchase something. We can provide local delivery of any item, whether it be a lamp or a sofa. If you live out of the area we will ship via whatever method it takes.


                                                                                   Tricia and Keith


Here's what people are saying about British Cottage:

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you: the couches look beautiful and are very comfortable! Thanks a lot for all the help!

It was a joy to work with you!

"Wow! I love it even more than I remember. "

"It’s perfect!  And passes the toddler test!"  "Thank you! Can’t wait to see what other goodies I can find from you."

"Sofa looks great. Thanks for your help."

"British Cottage makes decorating easy."

"I love everything in your store, in fact, I could live there!"

"Received them today. Absolutely love them. Thanks so much."

*Alex Shuford III, President of Century Furniture, on the supply chain situation:

Unfortunately, the impacts from the Delta variant of Covid are just beginning and already the global supply chain for furniture and many other industries are being impacted. As I write this:

• Vietnam has in place a “stay-at-home order” and most factories there are shut down

• The Philippines is under regional stay-at-home notices

• Indonesia and India both continue to suffer deeply and most factories there are working with only partial staff

• Travel restrictions and port operations are worsening. Containers are in short supply

• We expect there to be rolling factory closures throughout Asia for most of the Fall

Materials such as brass hardware, stone, metal and acrylic, fabric and leather, wood carvings, recliner mechanisms, just to name a few, are likely to be impacted

Where does all this leave us?

Strength comes from knowledge, and it is our hope that by arming each of you with more information, you and we can be proactive as an industry “informing” the consumer about the realities and so set expectations appropriately.

My team has often had to suffer through listening to me talk about Trust. I consider Trust the real fuel of a strong company and brand. It’s like gravity holding together all the pieces and relationships that a company needs to survive. In times like this, we are all concerned about losing trust with our clients and with our accounts. The reality though is that trust goes well beyond a good delivery date.

Sometimes the ground we are standing on is not stable, the information we have to provide is changing too fast to be accurate. Then, Trust is a partner who will communicate quickly and transparently even when the message is not pleasant.

If you want me to summarize  that means your furniture is going to take longer than you were originally told...everybody is very sorry but circumstances are beyond any single person's control. So hang in there and eventually it will come!

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