May 12, 2022

     Well I'll lead with the bad news. Our custom upholstery is taking longer and longer; however, however, the good news is our in store in stock levels are pretty high (mostly because we placed our orders close to a year ago but such is life).

      I read a comment on a blog I follow this morning that somebody was never going to shop at PB again. And I thought great, they've finally decided to branch out and find their own style--but no, she was just mad because it was taking so long to fill her multitudes of backorders. All I could wonder is what planet is she on? Read the newspaper, watch the news, these supply chain issues are real and they are not going away soon.

     China is awash in Covid and even if the furniture is not coming from there you can just bet the screws, the glue, and the finishes are. Meanwhile energy costs are skyrocketing and it is impossible to get skilled labor. I have been to the Century factory, and believe me, it takes really skilled labor, and lots of it, to build a sofa. You need carpenters, cutters, sewers, as well as esoteric things like eight way hand-tie specialists just to put one couch together.

     And seriously, aren't the best things in life the ones worth waiting for? What is a year in the grand scheme of things anyway? In terms of interiors, you should be looking for something timeless--something you can have for years, decades, generations even. I know there are dining tables we sold 36 years ago happily ensconced in the new homes of people who were two when their parents bought them--and it is highly likely that someday their two year old will be the proud owner.

       But, as I said in the beginning, the good news is we have stuff if you need it. We've nearly completed our transformation from antique importers to an all-around home furnishings retail store. While we will always have a few key antique pieces on hand, we think it just makes sense to add more lighting, artwork, upholstery and accessories to the mix. 

      Most of the items in the store are available for purchase. We have always sold "off the floor" and there is no reason to change things up now. Although our upholstery items are custom, which means you pick out your own fabric and style and place an order, if you see something in the store that works, that you can have that right away.

      Our custom upholstery is made by the upscale manufacturers Century Furniture and Sherrill Furniture, whose brands include Hickory White, Motioncraft and Lillian August. This is simply some of the best American furniture on the market today and you get to buy it right here in Red Bank New Jersey! 

       Decorating today is all about the mix. Nothing looks more boring than matchy matchy. If you love contemporary upholstery go out of your comfort zone and add something antique or vintage to the pot. Conversely,if you skew traditional, modern lighting or artwork can bring you up to speed in no time. The good news is at British Cotttage you can easily find an item to tweak a single room, or multitudes of things if you are furnishing an entire house. 

        Once you are here we will be happy to take the time to help you figure out exactly what your home requires and do our best to make it happen. The more information you come in with--the easier it will be. Measure, measure, and then measure your space again. We're happy to see pictures but make sure you know where they are on your mobile device before you come in. Or shoot us an email (; it is easier for us to see your images on the desktop anyway.

     While our background is not in interior design we have been in this business a long enough to know what should go where. We also know many of the local design professionals and are more than happy to recommend someone if you wish to go that route.

     Call, 732 530 0685, if you have any questions, or, even better, are looking to purchase something. We can provide local delivery of any item, whether it be a lamp or a sofa. If you live out of the area we will ship via whatever method it takes.




          Tricia and Keith


Here's what people are saying about British Cottage:

LOVE the bed! It’s perfect! 

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you: the couches look beautiful and are very comfortable! Thanks a lot for all the help!

It was a joy to work with you!

"Wow! I love it even more than I remember. "

"It’s perfect!  And passes the toddler test!"  "Thank you! Can’t wait to see what other goodies I can find from you."

"Sofa looks great. Thanks for your help."

"British Cottage makes decorating easy."

"I love everything in your store, in fact, I could live there!"

"Received them today. Absolutely love them. Thanks so much."

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